Friday, September 17, 2010

Spring Free

Spring Free

Finally, mid-term ends! I have to say that It was a really good experience. Going through an empty raya and juggling with studies at the same time. Gosh, thats a lot of work okay! I would never imagine myself being at the library right after sembahyang raya. Dahla hujan pulak. Gosh. It's too sad to even begin with.

Sempat lagi study before exam

I'm surprised that I didn't cry. Even after my mom and dad gave me a few calls and received raya wishes from my bro, sis-in-law. What can I say? Am pretty proud with myself :)

I've been through so much for the past few months and somehow I think it does help me in directing a oath line of becoming a more mature and adult person. Although I still think that I'm not fully capable of handling loads of things by my own :p but, I learned that living with nothing to hold on to would be way easier to live in life. I need to learn more on letting go, the past, anger, smile, frown, present, tears, all of it, just let it go. Then I think I'll be a bigger person.

Spring is finally knocking on my door. I'm gonna go out and let myself free.

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