Friday, February 4, 2011

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry.

I have a friend who kept on asking me to go for Mentor and AF audition. I think I've rejected him beribu kali kot lol. Recently I've started thinking about what if I get through all the auditions and all I needed to do is wait for the time for me to rise to be a fresh new celebrity under such an amazing company supporting me behind my back. What do I get from it? Fame? Wealth? Satisfaction? If I am into singing, If I do love to sing and I like to entertain people and I like to hear people appreciate my talent, would I go that far? That extend to sacrifice my own happiness? Into the entertainment industry? What about the E.Industry? Is it good? Bad? Healthy? I did some googleing and I found a blogger who discussed about "Dunia Hiburan" If you wanna read more. Go ahead click on the link below.

I've made comparisons between Malaysian Entertainment Industry and other parts of the worlds E.I. To be realistic, we can compare and see similarities in everything except for the only and only difference which is RELIGION. When we add religion into E.Industry, a lot of issues arises especially when we're living in the circular country and we're being mashed with the era. 

When my friend asked me to join in the audition, nervous, scared of rejection, low self-esteem, semua bendalah tu bukan masalah besar kot. My only fear is apa yang bermain-main around the E.Industry. Artist, they are like us, they wake up, they eat, they move, they sleep. The only difference is PRIVACY. and of course they are much prettier and fairer (so superficial haih) 

I believe that there is nothing wrong if you want to join the industry but you need to get your facts and reality checked. First of all, you've gotta be strong mentally and physically and also your faith as well. Faith in Islam. As long as you stick to HIS rules I'm so sure the community will accept you. If you have something to hide, if you have something that you fear that you dont want people to know, then you are taking a huge risk. Risk, something that you cannot run from in anything that you do. If you can keep up hiding you REAL self and satisfy and give what the people out there wants, then by all means, go ahead. 

Passion is not enough. You need more than that to be able to withstand all the mumbo jumbo that will hit on you. If you think that "It's okay, I'll give it a try first" to be honest, once you walk in, the path to walk back out is not an easy road. Contracts. Agreements. Those stuff are serious talks that can be brought into the courts. If you think this is the only way to save you from your luck, then let me ask you

Can you still see?
Can you still walk?
Can you still hear?

If you answered YES to all three of em, Congratulations! You've got everything left to survive in this world.
At the end of the day, it is still your choice. Sit back. Give it a thought. Think about the sacrifices that you're about to make. Think about the privileges that you're about to offer. Think about your faithfulness to God. See the big picture. It's important. You must see the big picture. If you're willing to risk everything dignity, family name, own self then all I can say is well-done and all the best!

Then, once you decide. Never look back. Don't ever look back and regret. Never let anything else shake your decision.

"No matter how hard the wind blows, the mountain will not bow to it."  

p/s: I hope this well help you overcome your doubts

I love to sing and this is how I enjoy it :) (sila perlahankan volume sebelom start vid ini ye. takut sakit telinga suara tak sedap ngehngehngeh)

Me? Whats my decision? I explained this to my friend "I don't think I can handle the HUHA of the E.Industry and I don't think I would want to get myself involve. Let me just watch it by far, appreciate what I can and  will try to avoid drama while I can. It's not worth it. To leave what I have now I can't, I appreciate what I have now although it's incomplete but I know, getting myself into a bigger drama won't help anything. I love myself and I'm sure even if my family or my friends who supports me, I know how amazingly understanding they can be"

Starting from that onwards, he didn't ask me to join the audition anymore. Think critically before you do anything. People may sugar coat their words to comfort you but do know, you who will be the one going through it.

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