Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I notice that most people have this unhealthy set of mentality about failing. If they don't achieve their goals, expectations, targets mean that they have failed as a person. It doesn't necessarily has to be that way you know. Sometimes,  you do put your whole effort in your work but somehow somewhere memang masih tak mencukupi. Mungkin takde rezeki. Maybe you have no luck. (Kalau yang tak letak usaha tu mmg lantak kaula. Memang you ask for it la kan kalau gagal. Bingit betul when they complain bila they actually didnt put any effort at all yish!) Sambung balik citer, It's okay. Don't be too hard on yourself. Not every single thing in life follows your way. Tak semua apa yang kita rancang akan berjaya. Itu lumrah kehidupan. Itu maknanye Tuhan sedang menguji kita. We plan and put our heart on the line,the rest of it HE will decide

"Kegagalan itu adala tangga Kejayaan"

A friend once said that to me back when I was in form 4 since I kept on failing my physics paper. (Fuckk I so hate that subject LOL). I was so hard on myself. I kept on asking myself, 'what went wrong? what went wrong? what went wrong?' I did read, I even went for tuition but still, it's not enough. After hearing what my friend said, I tell myself that I need to stop punishing myself, stop blaming myself, stop being so ignorant. I should see this as a realization for a better. Alhamdulillah SPM turned out to be better than I expected it to be :)

"Failure could be a stepping stone to success"

You can also see this in any other aspects as well, including love relationship. In a relationship where you give everything you've got, where you pour all your heart out in it but still at the end of the day it didn't work. Kau masih ditinggalkan. Kau tetap berseorangan. I know it hurts, but just look at it this way, your failure at pulling the relationship together creates a new you. A better you. You grow into someone yang lebih mature. Lebih memahami dalam selok-belok percintaan. Trust me, if you move on dengan cara ini, Insyallah everything will be okay for you. Don't ever use hatred and anger as your source of strength to move on. Itu salah. Just smile and walk away.

"Sometimes you cannot stop them from growing into someone better"

Here is a little song for those who got dumped yet still having a hard time to move on.
Jay Sean - I'm Gone

I'm gone.
I don't blame you at all.
'Cause after all the things that you did for me
Got beaten by temptation
I'm gone.
Girl you're better off alone. 


DanieL AdiE said...


forever dean said...

dulu during my school-year..
my teacher always remind us.

"kegagalan adalah kejayaan yang tertunda"..

so work more on it.. =)
agreed wit u..

Aiman Ariffin said...

Daniel: thanx :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Dean: yeah exactly. gotta put more effort :)