Thursday, February 10, 2011



teet teet tuuttt tuuttt again and again and again~ (bunyi ringing tone aku dowh lol)

Unknown Number

Hmmmmmmmmm sape pulak ni, angkat je la

Unknown Number: Bro kau kat ne?
Aiman: Aku kat umah, nape? Nabil eh?
Nabil: aku nak jadi gila duk umah, jom kluar
Aiman: Aku duk stress jugak ni meh sini amik aku

A few minutes after that. Nabil came wearing t-shirt, shorts, slippers, and sunglasses. Okay, nampak sangat malas nak dress up.  Earlier I was so stressed up with the whole UniFi being a bitch and all so Nabil had to wait. I left him tak sampai 5 mins when I came back he was laughing and huhahuha with my mom. YES! my mother! unbelievable. I've never seen her so mesra with any of my friends except for my bff lah. Anyhow, after all that mumbo jumbo UniFibitch. I went to change my baju. It's a t-shirt, shorts, slippers and sunglases day then off we go to curve makan ayam penyek. It feels so good. I don't need to feel so pressured you know. Everytime nak kena pakai lawa-lawa to impress people. URGH! Now I don't really care how I look. Okay, sambung citer honestly I don't know how to rate how good the food is cause while eating Nabil's friend came over and I swear she is full of energy. She can't stop talking. non-stop yapping. Potpetpotpetpotpet and she can speak Indonesia, Thailand, sumpah talented dowh hahaha. And she was so hilarious. Sometimes you need this kinda people in your life. They will put a smile on your face whenever you feel like shit but then, they will only be there when you're happylah. Go figure! lol

Pastu we went to Mont Kiara to grab Nabil's pay. While I was sitting patiently at the waiting room. I heard them talking.

Lady: Nabil! apesal nampak gemuk dah skang?! kenapa ada banyak jerawat?!
Nabil: hahahahaha

(-.-") welcome to the world of superficial people (-.-") haih. So lucky lah orang-orang yang ada rupa ni. Sesenang je dapat wang. haish jeles jeles jeles! Tak baik kau Aiman! rezeki orang dowh, asalkan halal kau patut tumpang gembira lah hahaha yes yes yes! :)

After that, in the car he went on and on and on about investing in shares, bla bla bla pastu lepas keluar bank je. terus kena pancing ngan minah promote facial spa! fuck and I jadi mangsa kena drag in skali! T______T I hate going out with him! Money comes in and money goes out! TIDAKKKKKKK! HAIH! I can only smell it, nak pegang lama2 mmg tak sempatlah. My mom soooo gonna kill me! but he belanja makan tadi ngehngehngeh! 

Then he started to be emo again, I said:

"When you feel sad, just tell yourself that they are happier living their life without us now. Let them go no matter how painful it is. So just hold on a little bit longer, all this chaos will be over soon"

Jangan tertipu. Ni control macho ni!


hypersyaza said...

LOL. klakar la dgr citer aiman XD

Aimanness said...

Nabil tu cute ;)

hypersyaza said...
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Aiman Ariffin said...

SYaza: haha klakar? malang kot!

Aiman Ariffin said...

Aimanness: haha yakah?