Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tipah Tetipu

Tipah Tetipu

Haih. Sigh. haih. HAIH! 
OK sudah-sudahla tu! sorryla. Ektually, baru-baru ni aku baru je pasang UniFi kat umah aku ni. It's really good eh. Nak stream youtube ke, Dramas ke, Movies ke, you don't need to click on the pause button eh. Terus tengok je. Fuyooooooo laju I tell you.


Here comes the hanky panky part. As you guys already know, the installation for the cable modem, telephone and also decoder are all free of charge. We, as customers we don't need to pay anything unless you ask them to link the wire through the ceiling. I, Aiman Ariffin, I admit that I am stupid and blur when it comes to this matter. I mean, I don't know. I really don't. It wasn't me who wanted to install UniFi at home. My siblings were the one. They only told me to call TM, tell them VIP 5 package and just be there when they do the whole work process. 

Lesson number 1
 Always read and find out what you're about to get yourself into

Basically, there are 2 groups involve in this. 
Group A (TM contractor) - Suppose to install the modem, router, decoder and also the telephone
Groub B (Outsource) - Suppose to drill, hack, settle all the wirings.

In my situation, both of them did their mistakes. First of all, when you want to place your modem, make sure you place it near your home theater as the wire connecting to the television is short. Group A saw where the television at and yet they didn't tell me that the place that we wanted to place the modem is unreachable. He only said that to me after they did all the drilling and what not. Memang tak ar wei! Cakapla awal-awal. Bagitahula "Bang, location modem ni nak sambung ke tv tak sampai ni bang" SUSAH SANGAT KE WEI?! nak je aku baling sliper jepun niiiiiiiii. 

Lesson number 2
 Always read and understand before you sign any documents.

Group B ni, main suke hati dia org je bagitau aku yang dia buat hackingla, drillingla, extra wire neededla, and they charged me RMXXX I thought it's normal lah for extra charges kan? apparently, they cannot do that! they cannot claim that money from the customer! HAIH! Dahla main tebuk je lubang and den pecah situ sana sini.

At the end of the day, siapa yang kena maki? siapa yang kena marah? siapa yang diperbodohkan?


Haih, susah betullah duduk in my family. Campak je semua benda atas kepala aku. Padahal aku tak tau pape pun. 

I hope you guys out there planning to apply for UniFi. Make sure that you watch them do their work and make sure they don't try to trick you k.

Suke suki dia je biar camtu

Nampak tak pecah dah (-.-")


hypersyaza said...

i feel sorry for you aiman... Syaza pun pernah kene trick jugak because i didnt ask first =.=

Aiman Ariffin said...

Syaza: Wwwoooooo T_T nasib kita mmg camni kan? haih takpe2 kita ambil ni sebagai pengajaran ok? :)

gosh108 said...

so sad. teruk kut dia buat kerja

Aiman Ariffin said...

AZa: i know sux big time.