Monday, February 14, 2011

That Man Opposed

That Man Opposed

Penat betulkan bila putus cinta. With all the whole crying, wallowing, heartbreaking, nerve wrecking whenever you see them with anyone else your heart just keep on breaking into pieces when you just finish gluing it all back together. I have a few friends going through the same shit as I am and fuck, we're going through such a rough time to get over our exes. We tell ourselves that it's okay that they are happier without us now and we tell ourselves that everything will be okay. but heck, bullshit, after all that we still feel lonely, empty, sad and despair. We kept on thinking what can we do to get over this shitty phase that always holding us from sleeping. Most of them insert hatred into  their hearts, do you actually think it will work? hatred can only last for a few days and after that it'll be replace with suffering. What about me? I'm being as sincere as possibly I can. I appreciate this feeling that we call as love. As long as I have love, as long as I have heart, I will try my best to be there no matter what. I don't want to lie to myself. I don't want to deny myself. I don't want to deceive my heart. Why would you want to hold back such a sacred and pure feeling? You need to understand one thing, it is not easy to have a love that you can keep at heart comfortably. That is gold. If you really know and understand how pure love is, you will learn to appreciate it more. You will learn to accept that what ever obstacles you go through regardless distance, financial, health, you will accept that love is precious enough to withstand all that.

If they don't appreciate what you have to offer, then what can you do? Their heart does not belong to anyone but themselves. It's up to them. It's their decision. Just give what you have to offer and if they don't accept it, then it's just too bad. Move on and do know, there will be that person somewhere that are willing enough to accept your heart, love. For the time being, just live life as it is I guess? I know it's not easy to get over them. I know no matter what you'll do, you will end up getting hurt. No matter how tall you rise, you will fall instantly. I guess that's nature. No way running away from it. Just gotta face it. I'm trying my best to be there for those who in need. I will try my best to lessen the pain. I will try my best to give what I have. You may think I'm doing the stupidest thing, but trust me, as long as you do it the right way, be sincere and true about your feelings, insyallah, everything will fall to its right place. 

Don't wanna be lonely, I just wanna fall in love. So why don't you just come to my heart


nasha said... diz entry :)

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Nasha: thank you :)