Monday, February 14, 2011



Tak usah nak huha sangatla bila baca title post ni. LOL. Obviously I didn't celebrate V-day instead I had bonding sessions with the boys. We went to e curve and there were so many couples hanging around taking pictures, out dating, spending quality time together. I looked at them, I don't feel jealous, I don't envy them, instead I feel happy for them and put a smile on my face. They were so inlove, holding hands, flowers, roses, balloons, camera flashing here and there. I'm happy for them. Love while cinta is still there. Appreciate every bits and pieces of it. As for the heartbrokens, we ate, we laughed, we spend time together knowing that this happiness, this period of time that we stop thinking about our worries will fade away eventually once we're alone at home. No one to talk to, No one to cling on to, No one to send sweet messages to. 

None. Empty. Alone. Despair.

Mira, Awie, Aiman, Basrie, Nabil, Matt, Zoey, Zack

Our happiness only lasted for a few hours.
Our thoughts were safe from worries for awhile.
Then after that, we will be consumed by our loneliness.
This is US

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