Monday, March 28, 2011

Contest Adik-Beradikku Yang Cute

True happiness actually lies within a heart filled with faith of a true Muslim. Faith becomes a source of inspiration for the children of the Book (Al-Quran) to learn gratitude and never gives up. If we fail to protect faith, maybe every souls in this world will slip through into life that falls far away from HIS grace. 

Thread of Ukhuwah.

Two souls living in different separate worlds tied to one word, Ukhuwah or brotherhood in Islam. There is beginning and no ending, just like a strand of tasbih being hold tight by passion and affection by HIM. That is what I see in bonds between two souls regardless by blood or by religion. Hence, eventhough I am here far away downunder (Australia) and you're there at Malaysia, I will always see you as my beloved nephew. 

Last but not least, one day when we meet again, I hope you will remember me as me, as your Uncle who always try his best to be a good role model in your life despite having uncountable flaws. I know you are too young to remember all this but one day when you are old enough to think maturely, melodies memories of the past will not die just yet but it will become a part of our life for eternity.

Inilah alasan aku memilih gambar ini.

  1. Chekuduks
  2. SyafiqOthman
  3. K.A


chekuduks bacee said...


Budak Kampung said...

tq join contest~sebb dh join kan.kira bleh la anak buah pn.hehe.Eh stdy TESL kat Queensland Uni??gluck btw

Aiman Ariffin said...

Chekuduks: haha kan? geram oh ngan dia

Aiman Ariffin said...

B.Kg: no problem :) yay! haha thanx. Em tak, amik Bachelor of Commerce :) thank u

Anisah Syahirah Ramlan said...

ur brother so damn cute! da bsr mst kacak.
dari gmbr tu blh lihat keakrababn korg. wahh!!

Aiman Ariffin said...

Anisah: hehe thanx :) yeah he is my one and only prince kaka