Friday, March 4, 2011



Today is the most unproductive day ever. Been doing nothing but resting. Went out earlier to check out the bus stop to Uni agak jauhla kena jalan but then takpela. Redah je untuk beberapa bulan ni. T_T

Bus stop around therela

The weather at Brisbane currently sesangatla unpredictable. Today it rained the whole day okay. I hate being sick. I tend to get really emo.

Tak lena pun tido haih

Got a call from a friend, they planning to go clubbing tonight. Maybe I should go at least once to feel how its like to club here at Brisbane but again maybe not. Don't wanna get myself into a shitty situation. Might as well just rest at home and do nothing I guess. Buku pun tak sentuh lagi.

Piled up papers to read

My life is so messed up right now! yish! I can't wait to get well so I can start doing my work. Not forgetting I'm so lonely at the moment. I can't sleep because Brisbane apparently having some kind of event going on. Concert dumdamdumdam all night long regardless raining or not (-.-") 

Can't see the concert from here :-s

Hachooommm~!! okeh!! time to eat medicine and drink lotsa warm water. Btw feel free to add me in Yahoo Messenger ya. This is my ID: (Don't ask me abt the ID okay, junior kasi dulu time boarding school) See you on ym then? huhu till then. Take care bloggers.


k.A said...

get well soon :)

Sasa Al-Sharif said...

enjoy yourself :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

k.A: thanx for the wish :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Al-Sharif: i will when i get better :)

lumut said...

mkn ubt k kamu.

p/s: kalau nak g club just utk obsrve x jgn smpai terjebak....hehe

Aiman Ariffin said...

Lumut: wanted to buy med at pharmacy tapi die org mintak passport pulak. leceh gila :-s

ahaha naah. i dont think i wanna go la

Anisah Syahirah Ramlan said...

bgsla mcm tu.
even stay kt sna pun, adat & budaya jgn tinggalkn.
get well soon okay :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

Anisah: aww thanx hun :) I need tht a lot

Anisah Syahirah Ramlan said...

welcome :)
no probs.