Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Day

Bangun-bangun pegi toilet. Petuihhhhh~ urgh yellow color phlegm. Okeh! I think I've done it. I'm sick. Tengok kat luar. Damn it's raining heavily. So I decided to stay warm at home. I cooked breakfast to declare meself a start of a new day. New life katakan. Sometimes I feel like letting out my alter ego. Be the person that I've never been before. What is there to be afraid of? New place. New environment. New people. but I'm scared, knowing new people, with different backgrounds, different religions and beliefs. Aku cuma takut dihanyut. Hari tu ada je kawan ajak lepak main poker and minum arak. Kata-kata itu membuatkan hatiku gentar. 'Ya Allah. Lindungilah aku daripada semua itu'. 

Comel tak my breakfast? HAHA!

I thought my life would be way easier when I'm at a new place but I guess I'm wrong. Hati dan perasaan ku mulai diuji dari segi faithfulness. It's okay. Insyallah I'll be fine. Only a few months then I'm a graduate with Bachelor degree hehehe. 

So what have I been doing for the past few days? Guitar Heroes! Sumpah addictive gila okay game ni! I wish I have PS3 ke, XBOX ke, ada sape nak sponsor? lols. I'm dying for games to keep me busy eh! haih, I might go look for a part time job or something. Ceh cakap berapi je. Kelas pun malas nak pegi, ni ada hati nak keje lols. That's all for now I guess. Will update more soon!

Sumpah jobless gila!

Muka happy je lols

Syamir - Drummer

Amir - Guitarist

Me - Vocalist

Let the game begins!


chekuduks bacee said...

iman tidak akan berkurang dengan bercambahnye ilmu....dont afraid as long as we believe in ALLAH....comellll breakfast...eheh!

Aiman Ariffin said...

Chekuduks: Yeah, as long as you still have faith, insyallah you will be okay. HAHA thanx! cincai je tu masak

Anonymous said...

never tgl ur prayer since it is ur benteng keimanan!as long as u avoid mingle with those friends u'll be alrite

Aiman Ariffin said...

Anonymous: Thanx for the tip! avoid mingling with them? really? i dont have friendsla camtu. we'll see how it goes.