Monday, July 11, 2011


Here at Brisbane, having no car to move around. I walk. I've been walking around all day long while thinking that I have a problem that makes me unhappy. Thinking that I think wayyyyyyy too much. Ever since I'm alone, I taught myself to hold back my tears and avoid them. But you see, I'm already at a point where I can touch the pain. 

5.50am. 11.7.2011.Sun Rise.Brisbane City. Australia

I walk. Laughing at myself. Thinking that you and I would be better off without each other. Yeah. I admit. You are honey sweet and difficult for me to get over. So let my heart do its job at expressing itself. People stare, let them stop and stare. 

11.6.2011. Snow. Ice Skating. Brisbane City. Australia

Well now when you are not around anymore, am I finished?
If you are not around then its just too bad
I hope for every flower in the world bloom for you
I hope the sun will always shine bright for you
easy said, I hope you are safe and sound, not alone now
Because, I believe in you

11.6.2010. Snow. Brisbane City. Australia
I may be broken
I may be fragile
I may be pathetic
I may be imperfect
I am free.

Now, all I want to do is, to kill nothing but time. Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Keep nothing but memories. Believe nothing but God.


James Alexander said...

to be finally free, it may take a while.

good for you...

liyana said...

believe nothing but GOD..
thanks 4 the entry..

yoli said...

really nice post, love your words.

Namee Roslan said...

:) nice words arrangement. :) u shud really write a poem aiman.