Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Malaysian Hospitality MH

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Today, a good friend of mine just had his Graduation Ceremony at MAS Academy Auditorium, Kelana Jaya. Since I'm jobless and friendless (betul oh! tak tipu) I decided to give it a go lah lagipun I roughly know the location where it'll be held.

Mohd Nor Aiman. Ladies he is still single & available ;-)
The moment I entered MAS Academy building I was warmly greeted by the crew themselves. As expected as they should be, they were very friendly, talkative, smiling which brightens up my day. Its true when people say that,

A smile is a language of agreement
A smile is a language of peace
A smile is a language of good looks
A smile is also a good weapon of tranquility

Like any other graduation ceremonies, there were speeches and certificate presentations to the new, young and undying spirit crews. Not forgetting the performances were very enjoyable, its amazing how they can make time for practice when they have to fly one region to another just like what they say, When there is a will, there is a way.

Energetic Performances.
I was pretty much satisfied with the whole event as much as I expect from a 5-star class airline company by SKYTRAX one of only 7 in the world. Watching the stewards and stewardess claiming their certificate one by one made my patience go gugugaga. I can't wait for mine. Long way to go fuh.

Firdaus. Aiman. Oya. Aiman
Anyways, I'm taking this opportunity to wish my good friend Mohd Nor Aiman and his fellow cabin crews a safe journey on air. Make all of us (our nation) proud no matter how high or far you fly to. It'll be an interesting adventure, various passengers that you need to handle and I'm sure you will give your best in whatever situation you'll stuck in. Since I don't believe nor trust in luck, I wish you all the best and may Allah S.W.T shower his blessings and protections upon you in embarking on your career as MAS Stewards and Stewardess. Amin.

It is not about how many things you do for people. but how much love you give to people through the little things you do.

Congratulations Aiman, We are so proud of you :-)

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Syazwan Che Deraman said...

last week,
i had been there,
stayed in mas academy hotel for one night, just beside the main building.

tahniah untuk kawan anda.
happy flying to him.