Saturday, October 19, 2013

BSN 10KM Putrajaya night run

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

I've made it. One of my 2013 goals has been made come true today. Managed to run for 10km in the BSN putrajaya night run. I chose this run instead of others for a reason (night run) haha can avoid from being tormented by the hot blazing morning sun light heehe, boy aren't I smart?

Anyhow, I have to say that long distance run challenges you mentally and physically. I mean, human aren't really meant to run. Unlike the fast runner animals like the cheetah and what not. The entire time running, the only thing I can think of was, my breathing. 

If you lose control of that, then hell break loose. Your running pattern will go hare wire. So basically all you need is endurance, perseverance and determination. Oh and also control. 

I like the entire event. It was very lively. Police was everywhere to supervise the traffic. Staffs were very helpful in giving out drinks and in any assistance needed. It was kept simple and it provides what the people want. 

Since I've tasted the whole marathon thing I foresee a possibility that I'll be joining other marathon events. It's so much fun! Challenging yourself and see how far you're able to push yourself. 

Well, those who are interested, I think there will be a 10km and 5km marathon run at the desa park city, where I always train myself. That place is awesome. There's security at the car park and lotsa ppl jog at night which makes it safe for anyone who happens to finish work late.

So the marathon will take place at desa park city on 24th November 2013. So you better enrol yourself in ASAP!!

As for me, I'll think about it. Let me deal with this muscle sore first !! :( 

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