Sunday, October 20, 2013

Low - High

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

It's so frustrating. Sometimes I feel like I can live by my own. Everything seems to be manageable and any hardship seems to be ain't that bad to go through. Rainbows everywhere. Birds flying here and there.


Sometimes I feel like crap. As if the whole burden is on my shoulder. Lonely. Lost in the woods not knowing which direction to go. 

Well at times like this, I think all of us need a reminder. To remind ourselves to be thankful. To be grateful. With what we already have infront of us. With what HE gave us. 

No matter how low or no matter how high you are, never forget HIM. Because HE will be your strongest pillar of strength. 

Tonight, I'm feeling that down cycle side of my life and I feel like shit. Yeah. Like a whole chunk of cows dunk falls from the sky. Urgh. 

Ok I'm done ranting. Empty the head and fill in the heart. Good night peeps

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