Thursday, October 24, 2013


Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

While others battle to get food for survival, I, on the other hand trying my best not to consume it. I'm a lunatic honestly. I don't even understand myself T_T

The problem is this, I have self esteem issues if I gain a little bit of weight (not so little anymore now). I feel somewhat uncomfortable with my own body. I tend to wear big clothes not because of fashion or what not. Oh hell no. But to hide my figure from the world to see. 

The weird thing is, it's not like my body has been as it's best. Six pack? Puh lease, not even close of having! But yeah, I still have that insecure boo Hoo kinda feel.

In 2011 my weight was 60kg and now 2013 my weight is 69kg. Statistically you can see that I gain 4.5kg every year (madness I tell you) 

So before things got out of hand (which has already been) I've been keeping track of my food intake and exercise level. I usually take vegetables. More like ONLY take vegetables and it actually makes me feel like I'm a goat! 

I spend most of the time doing cardio. Jogging for 5km in 37minutes although at the end of the run I feel like dying most of the time. 

Then it got me thinking how torturing this whole thing is. I literally nearly teared! I mean, I wanna eat KFC, MCD, oh that spicy chicken mcdeluxe! That oil dripping when u bite the burger moment. "Heaven!" 

I don't know how you people do it. Keep yourself in starvation. Avoid from eating yum yum delicious food. Exercise around the clock. YOU MAD PEOPLE! 

Ok. I'm done ranting over DIET. Pfft! 

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