Monday, December 2, 2013

Emotional Wreck!


Pictures above illustrates perfectly how my emotions currently is. I'm going through an emotional wreck. Every single molecule in my body is on riot. I can;t seem to do anything right. On top of that, out of ALL the 7 days in a week, some ppl just had to choose today to annoy the hell out of me. I really need to learn how to calm myself down cause when i give a piece of my thought then they would go all offended. 

A price that I have to pay for having a speaker on my mind. Anyways, my best friends seem to be busy with their own things. (you know who you are, if youre reading this, you better do something about it!) aaaaaaaaahhhhh It's not like I'm gonna lash it out at anyone. I just want someone to be there next to me while I'm going through this, this,..... this... Emotional strike crisis! Oh well, thank god I have this place where I can just blast out whatever I feel. No filter. Pure emotions here.

I just hope this what ever Im going through will end soon. ASAP!

Photos does not belong to me.