Sunday, December 1, 2013


Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

So it finally happened. Today was the day. In every new friendship or new circle I dive myself in, thel possibility of conflict not to happen is NIL. Zero. Sensitive as I know I am, I guess it's something that I find difficult to control. Looking at how easy my emotions get swirled by some random acts or words being thrown at my face, I'm gonna sums up the conclusion to that. 

This is the part where the "withdrawals" would happen. Whereby I slowly withdraw myself or take a few steps back from where it all started. It's a never ending process really. Reflect after reflect after reflect on myself. I don't seem to learn at all. I still let it happen eventhough I was given the option. 

Frustrated? Yes, very. I need to learn how to keep calm. Oh well, I hope I will manage my emotions better in the near future insyaAllah.