Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Widen. Broaden.

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Everybody, I mean literally everyone, my dad, my mom, my sis in law, my friends, my colleagues, all of them without fail would comment on my body whenever we meet. If I'm shrinking in size or got bigger interms of muscle mass, I wouldnt even bother writing about this now. Unfortunately, the body has managed to widen itself. Cakap mcm salahkan badan, padahal stress je makan stress je makan stress je makan T_T

Hence, I made my way to the gym today. One of my colleagues got me this 1 month free pass at True Fitness, Sunway Giza. So I've been busy building my body up as hot as Viuehara. Padahal just started gymming 3 days ago -.-". Better than nothing right. 

Speaking of gym, I can't help noticing that guys at the gym check each other more than they check out the girls. I think gym is the only place where the rule of the world is futile. It made me feel so uncomfortable. I know la I don't have biceps or triceps or any other category of ceps that we have in this world as big as any one of them. But dude, tone down on the staring. Go compete yourself to other ppl will ya? I come in peace!

Talked about this with one of my gymholic (if this term ever existed) friend and he said that it's normal. Just be at your best whenever you work out cause ppl will definitely look at you. So indirectly its like a form of motivation. Celah mana pun aku tak tahu. But yeah, if any of you guys out there feel insecure as I do with my own body, then just go at times where there are less people. Avoid the rush hours such as after work, instead go in the morning or late at night. I know we're suppose to be comfortable in our own skin and eventho if ure a bit chubbier or skinnier than any of the guys in the gym, dont mind them lah. I mean, thats the whole reason why you go to the gym right? To have a healthier and stronger body.

Now I feel lil bit motivated lol. So good luck to you and me!