Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Silly silly Silly

After feeling numb from reading FIN 202, I decided to stop for awhile. So I sit here, in front of my laptop at 1.12am in the morning feeling nothing.

Actually, I don't feel like updating my blog at all today thus I went on reading my previous posts that I wrote wayy long time ago. Some of them filled with happiness but MOST of them loaded with emo shit. hahahaha. But something caught my attention though. Particularly the part when I laughed while reading almost all of the previous posts.

I used to be so emotional and sensitive at any single shit that moves around me(still am? hahaha) I remember those moments of break ups, make ups, hook ups, brain breaking, nerve wrecking, heart aching jiffy. I remember how depressed I was during those times. At one point of time I thought that I wasn't strong enough to live through all of it. Sad case right? Gudness, i used to be such a sad child! hahaha

Live with it

But hey, look at me now. You see, I always tell my friends and remind myself that what ever problems that you may have, just be strong and hold on for awhile cause when the clouds go away and the sun comes in, you'll be okay. By the time it's all over, you look back then you'll be laughing at yourself and would think how silly you can be. I'm proud to say that I've grown up. I'm over all this small petty shit. ...... so should you.


syazaza ;] said...

the same thing happened to me. b4 this I became an emo n could not control my emotion. Then everyone started to hate me.

I once had a diary and i wrote stuff in it. Now when I read that diary back, it kind a bring back memories and stupid mistakes that I've done in the past.

So 2thumbs up for both of us ^_^

Aiman Ariffin said...

hahaha samala kita dua

yaaaa, two thumbs up!! :)

Aliph said...

i know that aiman on last year
and i remember that i've said to him that his blog was emoish
but now
just look at it. u gained =]

kerolizwan said...

"happy happy happy"!

Aiman Ariffin said...

hehehe i didnt know you wud read my blog last time aliphhh :)

Aiman Ariffin said...

hahaha kerol

happpieeeeeeee~ mappieeeeeee~

CarynBear said...
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hanis said...

aimann i love this post of all ur blog postsss!! guess why guess why? no it has nothing to do w u growing up n finally getting ur mess sorted out
i love this cause i smiled and started giggling whn i saw the pic u chose to post!!
I LOVE TAT PIC! it reminds me of the sun, the sweat, the cooling cendol, the beca, the beach, allt he happy warm things!!! n of coz, MELAKA!
i miss miss miss u n pls make sure our island trip will happen!!