Sunday, July 5, 2009



I had such a wonderful weekend. Although it started off badly but it turned out to be soooo good after that. Had to send the parents to the airport as early as 6.30am in the morning. Supposingly the plan was my brother hantar them but we had problem waking him up. So grumpily I had to do it. GRRrrrr... I have such a useless brother.

You have no idea how grumpy I was in the car but it ended right after when my dad hand me over the money for the weekend. Peace :D. Kaching $$$. I smell money coming in!! after that, I balik den continue with my beauty sleep. Simply woke up whatever time I want. Mandi ke tak. Makan ke tak. Clean up the room ke tak. Nobody cares. Who cares? I don't. hahahaha such a good time!!

Practically, It's just me, with my bed, and the house.......... well yeah....... lets exclude my brother and the maid to not spoil the whole story. So anyways, my besties decided to go for club hopping at Jalan Changkat that night. Since I've never been there so what the heck. Clubbing shall I go!

Love the dance floor

Honestly, at first I didn't feel like clubbing at all that night though. Don't know why. Just felt like staying at home in my warm blanket while reading books. Reluctantly I got up, showered, switched on my webcam with Miza since she decided to be my outfit advisor for the night. Tried on a few shirts and had dilemma between the purple and maroon. Finally I decided to go with the maroon. I nearly doze off while waiting for them to pick me up lol. Punyala mengantok. Padahal tak buat pape pun satu hari hahaha

Yup, Maroon night :)

In the car, they asked me why I looked so tired and sleepy. I tried so hard to think what to answer them cause actually I didn't do anything at all for the entire day!! Had a pit stop at 7/11 and bought meself redbull while mineral water for the ladies. Getting into KL is sooo fucked tup. Especially at BB. Reminds me whyyyyyyyy i hate driving at KL and explains why I don't know shit the ways in KL hahahaha.

We sure had fun that night

We went to Envie. I was soooooooo impressed by the place. Not huge, not big, not fancy nor blinggy but the crowd.... fuuuh hot chix all around babeee.. And they are all adults, not those kids who goes to places like M.O.S or Heritage, no offence. I nearly tried alcohol at that time but amazingly I didn't. I'm so proud of my will power :) I had so much fun dancingggg especially when there were girls bumming their asses behind me hohohohoho prolly sempit kot, wish they were actually trying to flirt with me ;p and the song selection were good. Sampai rumah at 4am. Terus pengsan right after I hold my pillows.

Bestfriends forever

Woke up at 2.oopm today. Received few calls and texts, invitation to go out but I kindly rejected em. I just feel like staying at home :D So I did. Their flight at 11.00pm so I should make my move at 10.30pm but before that, I'll be at Centre Point chilling with friends. That sums my weekend pretty much. I danced, had fun, read books, sleep a lot, eat less, and stayed at home more.

What about yours?


kerolizwan said...

whats mine?
read it in my blog!

Aiman Ariffin said...

lol yes yes i dah baca grrrrrrrrr

Aliph said...

wtf! mos n herritage for kids?!!!!
u know thats the club i went to right
n u counter attack me on that
geez.... all clubs for adult
but "kids" are so smart to go through

Aiman Ariffin said...

haha im not kidding aliph, at first when my friend sed dat i didnt believe her tau but when i gi sana. hoiiii betul kottt

Aliph said...

no no no

Aiman Ariffin said...

ni another in denial kid hahaha

renjizakura said...

same la kite
have fun in previous weekend

kerolizwan said...

what grrrr
cmon now!!!
the floor is all yours


Anonymous said...

wat about prayer? done ur isyak there?