Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Side Effects

Woke up to the sound of car engines humming, people rushing to their work place, typical morning routine living in city. Is it morning already? Saw a few ray of lights finding away to escape through the blinds. Watching it running freely in the darkness of my bedroom. Strange. Odd. What is this I'm feeling? I close my eyes. I search for an answer but all I could feel was numb. I can seem to pull myself out from bed. My body is resisting, I could feel it but it won't move. I close my eyes again. Search for any strength that I can put up for a fight against this... this... this... pain, sorrow, despair. But I couldnt find it. All I could feel was a gushing of thoughts flying dashing screaming everywhere in my head. I cant control it.

All the possibilities
All the probabilities
All the maybes
All the what ifs

I hold tight to my pillows. Hoping. praying. That it'll stop. Suddenly everything went cold, quiet and empty. Then I open my eyes slowly. Wondering if the nightmare has stop. Truth is, it wasn't a nightmare. So this must be the side effects.

Just let me be with my thoughts for a little while and we'll see where it will go


hypersyaza said...

are you on drugs...?

...just kidding ^_^"

Aiman Ariffin said...

Syaza: I WISH! hahaa

k.A said...

side effects of what?

Aiman Ariffin said...

k.A: of breaking up