Monday, October 14, 2013

Random Rants

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

You know how they say why bother worrying about the future when the present itself is bleak? Doing what I do best (which is being in denial) I survived 2 nerve wrecking, heart breaking, pure hard working, solid years in the audit firm. 

I just need another one more year and then I'll be able to breath and live like normal people do. (I hope!) unless I decide not to budge my ass off the audit firm (which is VERY UNLIKELY) working around the clock 24/7 for more than 3 years, something that I don't think I can do. I would rather quit first rather than trying. Life should be a balance of work and also relationships, family, friends. 

I really wonder how those managers or partners can deal with that whole load amount of stress and pressure. Insanity level: GOD LIKE

Anyway, on a lighter note, recently I've gotten myself involve more with music. I'm currently taking guitar lessons and the tip of my fingers are hurting like crazy while writing this post. Mainly due from the guitar strings obviously, urgh! Playing level: NOOB! I know I know, I'm working on it. Step by step aight. I just can't wait to be really good at it! I mean, strumming the guitar while singing. Man! What a dream come true. 

Oh! Sent my car (Baby B) to the workshop today and got it washed. She's now sparkly clean like a brand new car! And I'm happy that she's fixed. I was literally smiling wide when I drove her earlier haha. 

I think this is the most useless post I've ever written. Oh well, I write to empty my mind and to fill in my heart. So now my heart is content and my head is blank. Time to go to bed lol. Anyways, wishing you people a happy Hari Raya Aidil Adha and may you have a pleasant time with family and friends. InsyaAllah.

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